How to Survive The Spring Allergy Season

The spring allergy season is upon us and it’s been pretty brutal for some people. At home, you should keep your windows closed and use air-conditioning. The open windows will allow pollen into your home and can make you more symptomatic even when you are indoors. Another tip is to shower and change when you come home at night, which should help you sleep better at night. If you do have to go outdoors, try to plan it so you’re outside later in the day rather than in the morning (when pollen counts for the day are actually the highest). Finally, seeing your allergist is of utmost importance. We can help formulate an appropriate medication regimen for you to help you manage your symptoms and may consider other treatment options, if they seem appropriate. 

Ambka S. Ambka is a PA here at Allergy Asthma & Sinus Center of LI. She specializes in allergy and immunology conditions.

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